Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My favorite part of the holidays

I was talking to my mum about the movie the Lone Ranger and then she said she wanted to go see it too so i asked if we could see it that night mum said
“Maybe okay what the heck let’s go but first we’ll ask dad if he wants to go”.Dad said
“I would but I’m on call if someone needs me to fix a forklift my phone will ring in the middle of the movie and everyone will be angry”.  Dad did not go but mum did and we loved the movie it was awesome.

This is my favorite part:
BANG the Lone Ranger fires a warning shot but it rebounds of a barn hit the Lone Rangers partners bird hat and hits a rope and a log falls and kills the two bandits by squishing their heads “Great shot” said his partner “That was supposed to be a warning shot” said the Lone Ranger.

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